What is it?

It’s a dance exercise class featuring all the dances from Strictly Come Dancing! Fitsteps is similar to Zumba in that each track is a different style, you dance on your own without a partner, and the moves are adapted to suit a fitness class. It is for everybody; young or old, fit or not, you can participate in a Fitsteps class!


How hard is it? (I can’t dance I’ve got 2 left feet!)

Well there are a lot of steps to learn! But, every step has a name, which I give as a cue before we do it. The steps are mostly basic, with a few more challenging combinations dotted through the class! After a couple of weeks you’ll start to get to know the steps and their names and be able to string them together fluently.

Fitsteps works your cardio-vascular system to bring on a sweat and makes you feel out of breath. It works your legs, core and arms to develop muscle tone. You might ache the next day!

What do I need?

Wear comfortable flexible fitness clothing, including a sports bra for ladies. On your feet you’ll need trainers – not running shoes. Ideally cross-trainers, dance sneakers or other lightweight trainers. Bring a towel and some water!

Can I try it out before committing?

Yes absolutely. There is no booking system for this class, you come along when you can and pay as you go. So, feel free to come and give it a try!

What does it cost?

Classes are £8 pay-as-you-go. I take cards or cash. You’ll get a loyalty card and every 10th class you attend is FREE!!

When is it?

Wednesdays, 7:30 - 8:30pm Saturdays, 9:30 - 10:30am Check the calendar for dates.